super happy 10/10

quick purchase, fast response, very well made site and a lot of nice products at a really good price!
super happy with the purchase.. 10/10!

Great service

Nice place for old school cards and sealed products
Allways well packaged and fast shipping.

Great selection and great price

I was able to find a promo card that is over priced by all sellers on ebay for a fair prices. Very excited Thank You

Excellent service!!

Better prices than Ebay sellers, super fast shipping, and honest grading. What else can someone wish for?? 😀 Thanks from Spain!!!

by Hei Chun Yung on Pokemon Collection From Japan
Fast shipping and good price!

Bought from them a few times. The goods came with quality packaging and the items itself were in great shape! Would recommend.

Fast and honest grading

Well protected, fast shipping, and the most interesting thing: Honest and strict grading, that not all sellers do. Thanks a lot from Spain!!!!

Phenomenal selection and service

Pokémon Collection From Japan has an excellent array of Pokémon cards especially vintage cards. The conditions of the cards are always described accurately and are accompanied with several pictures for you to analyze the condition yourself. The shipping is also quick and the cards are well protected in the package. I highly recommend this service!

Good but a bit pricey

Good selection but the prices can be a bit high at times for a japanese store.


Also product, fast shipping excellent,.

Reasonably priced items

One of my go to places for old school Pokémon cards.
Reasonably priced and wide range of selection.

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